Sheath Pins

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These pins are made from high-quality stainless steel and have a polished finish. Each order comes with 3 complete Sheath Pins with black rivet heads and a plastic case.

Pin your sheath in place on any fabric or clothing item. Provides the versatility of being able to stash your knife and sheath anywhere.

They are easy to install and have a secure fit, ensuring that my knife stays safely attached to my clothes at all times

One of the things I appreciate most about these pins is their durability. They have held up well under regular use and show no signs of wear or rusting. I also appreciate the convenience of being able to adjust the tension on the pins, as this allows me to customize the fit of the sheath to my liking.

They are a high-quality, reliable, and stylish addition to any pocket knife.

Multiply your deployment options! Each Hideaway Handmade Sheath has tiny pinholes sized to fit each Sheath Pin.

Easy to retain. Easy to conceal. Fast to access.

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
sheath pins

One of mine broke when it wouldn't disengage. To avoid that, hopefully with the other two pins, I used some bees wax to lubricate the pin. Seems to help, so far.

Santino McKenzie

These pins are the perfect size and attaches easily to the fabric of my clothes, Highly recommended

Joshuah Mante

I've had a pair since 2010 and they worked great up until I lost them about a year ago. Glad to see they haven't changed.

Justice Jast

Very good recommended

Cristina Stehr

This is a great little accessory. I was disappointed it didn't include the sheath but for only $14.95 I can't complain