Customer Feedback

Jake Bush Testimonial

"Now you have to understand at first I am a knife nut. I love knives. I go no where with out a knife. Most of the time I have 2 or 3 on me. And I'll leave the house with just this one on me. So yeah I like it. From the beginning....

First impressions. I received my HideAway from the sheath maker (good job Keith Morgan at the Blade show to open. It was delivered with several goodies (band-aid, a Lifesaver, FS sticker) in a small box and the sheathed knife itself.

Well you just can't prepare yourself to receive a knife, a self defense knife with nearly a 2" fixed blade no less, in a THIN CD case with A LOT of room to spare. I was blown away. More than blown away. It is a jewel with a 1.78" edge. And a very sharp one at that. There aren’t pics of this finish yet on her website,, but you can see which one I have below.

And it weighs nothing! I mean nothing!

I had originally ordered a Strider HideAway but was just off having the right size fingers for the first several batches. And after playing with mine and one in the size just below mine...well the fitting is dead on. Measure just as she says, and trust the system. It works. Dead on.

Long time trials. I work in close contact with the general public. I meet some 40 to 80 people a day. So for an experiment I decided to wear my HideAway. For Four hours I "wore" it. I talked to people, I wrote my daily notes, I opened boxes, and I gave one guy directions and POINTED him in right direction and HE NEVER NOTICED. This knife is invisible. Undetectable. Batman and James Bond are on the waiting list for these knives.

Can it cut.. It is a knife. And knives are made to cut. And cut it does. Like a razor attached to your fingers. It feels like a scissor. Not a pair of scissors, a single scissor. Takes a little getting used to. Feels a whole lot different than a normal knife. But when you look at how it works... well it works. All day, lots of cutting, still sharp. Gets slightly unsharp (won't pop hair), is EASY to resharpen. Carry it all day, never gets noticed and DOESN'T weigh you down. And how many knives have you seen that are this small, this light, that really work? And not in a micro-scalpel way either. But a rip cardboard all day, whittle a little, cut anything and everything knife. You aren't going to chop a tree down with it but let me see you peel an orange with an axe. With no chance of dropping it. None. Zero, zilch, nada. You don't hold this knife; you wear it. You don't put it down you take it off. Holding it isn't an active thing like hanging onto knife but passive like wearing a ring.

Put one on and you are a human velociraptor. Now would you wanna take on a person with a 2 inch razor sharp claw on their hand? And that is what it is meant to do. To protect and deter. To give a person an opportunity to get away WITHOUT DROPPING YOUR KNIFE. And then run. Or hit. Or draw a gun. Or another knife. Slice the bad guy hard, back up and draw and shoot the bastard. Hell, if he tries to take your gun, keep cutting while retaining your gun. Like I said it is your claw. Part of you. He'd have to cut it off. And you have the knife.

The draw. From a neck knife carry it comes out of nowhere. When friends of mine ask what new knives I have and I pull it they almost automatically say (WHERE DID THAT COME FROM!?!?). Hope the bad guy feels the same way.

Doing business with the HideAway lady. She has become a dear friend. Her successes make me proud and her setbacks I feel like they are mine. Her eccentricities are lovable forgivable or understandable. No one will do you more right than her. Trust her and be patient. The result is more than worth it. Even if it was just for a knife.

Getting it made. She keeps improving the design. As for the getting-it-made-and-made-right process, well that is just about as revolutionary as the knife itself. What she can't do herself, she has pursued the best in the business to do. And the best in the business are helping her: Strider, Simonich, Yurco, Marlowe, Hossom, as well as two relative unknowns whose work caught her eye - Brum and Cucchiara. And the man with the magic lens, photographer Shelby Chan.

Overall judgment. This is the new thing. It is IT. For what it does, it can't be beat. This is the better mouse trap, get inline before the path is beaten completely to the door. Expect long lines, a generous wait and a product worth it all. I've already ordered 2 more and am keeping my eye on the availables in case I find more I like. And I will.

An addict,

Jake Bush"

Lee Aldridge Testimonial

"I received my Strider pointy Hideaway knife from FrontSight today. Also received the trainers for both my wife and me. Here are my first impressions of the knife and trainers:

1. The fit for the fingers was PERFECT for both of us. The method used by FrontSight to determine exact sizing from the measurements supplied by the purchaser are very accurate. Retention and firmness of grip are superb with the design. The thumb ramp fits the grip very well, and augments the control over the blade. The draw stroke places the blade in the position for use with no fumbling around or adjustment necessary.

2. The finish of the Strider is very nice. Anyone who owns a "tiger stripe" Strider already knows this, I had only heard from others who own them. Now I, too, know for sure! The finish removes almost every trace of glare or reflectiveness. This knife will truly be hard to see in the user's hand.

3. The edge is quite sharp. The point is beyond adequate to inflict the initial puncture which launches the attack. The angles, etc. of the blade are well thought out, so that the use of the knife feels "natural".

4. The trainers are well-crafted, with dull, rounded edges and no point. They have the exact same hand feel as the live blade. The blades are coated with red "trainer" identification, and are slightly thicker than the live blade. Performing some preliminary drills and movements with the trainer, I was able to use it on a Century BOB dummy without any damage to the bag. That's a well-designed trainer, as I've seen lesser designs gouge these dummies, etc.

5. The Kydex sheath supplied fits the knife perfectly. It holds the knife at the EXACT angle that your fingers naturally fall when reaching to touch your sternum. The draw stroke is effortless, but retention of the blade is sufficient that any number of jumping jacks, rolls, etc. could not dislodge it from the sheath. The craftmanship of the sheath is excellent, with no unfinished edges, etc. to hang up on clothing or scratch your delicate skin. The knife and sheath are virtually undetectable to the eye while worn under a t-shirt (hanging on the supplied ball chain).

Overall, I am obviously very pleased to have been fortunate enough to receive one of these knives! It will become a part of my EDC.

The CONS: I am not completely convinced regarding the SD usefulness of neck knives. I have experienced some major trouble in some drills where it is very difficult, if not impossible, to produce a neck knife. This is especially true for the vast majority of users who wear the knife under the shirt.

FrontSight assures me that several very reputable sheath makers are working on designs for the carry of this knife in alternate locations, so don't feel that you are trapped into one method of carry. Personally, I feel that a small, IWB-style sheath would be an excellent alternative. The knife is compact and flat enough that wrist/sleeve carry is another possibility. A belt with a slot in the actual belt material (which acts as a between-the-layers sheath) would also present the grip very efficiently. The knife is so versatile because of its size, I won't be surprised to see all sorts of cool carry methods come out as soon as lucky recipients get their hands on one.

In use (trainer), this thing ROCKS! The short, quick motions, which are more available to the user under typical crowding/grappling/swarming SD conditions, are where this knife excels. This knife gives the phrase "one-inch-punch" a whole new meaning! In many "compromised" positions, I merely had to "twitch" to effect an insertion motion. From there, the ripping (pakal) stroke (PICTURE STARTING A LAWNMOWER) was easily accomplished. The "snaking" motions used to intertwine hands and get position while clinching, etc. are perfect opportunities to use this weapon. It does not require the room that many other designs must have. VERY COOL!!!!

THANK YOU, FRONTSIGHT! For a freshman effort, you hit it out of the park!


Lee Aldridge
Head Instructor
Reality Based Fighting Concepts

Jim Herring Testimonial
"I just received my "Hybrid" HideAway, and I couldn’t be more pleased with it! The knife fits my hand as if were made for it (which I suppose it was :-). I’ve been playing with it for a few hours and I’m really beginning to appreciate the concept behind this design. It’s a great idea to make a defense tool that doesn’t have to be constantly grasped in an active mode…having an additional hand free is a great advantage. I love the grinds that Mick put on the HideAway; it's really amazing to see that kind of work on such a small blade. It’s a great idea and an excellent implementation…my compliments to both you and Mr. Strider.

[... specific on-the-job hidden-carry sheath discussion ...]

I’ve rambled on enough…I really just wanted to thank you and Mick for the exceptional job you did with the HideAway. This whole process has been a lot of fun for me as a customer, and I expect that I’ll be ordering at least one more HideAway (I’ve got my eye on the double-edged Straight model). Thanks again, and take care…

Jim Herring"
Andy Leach Testimonial
"When I was younger I always thanked god I wasn't a farmer.....
now I'm DYING for hay bales to be sittin around. MINE CAME !!!
it is about twice as frightening as any other knife I own.
it's smaller , sharper , pointier and better fitting than any pictures can relate, I'm Typing with on it it's so addicting !!
:: foams at the mouth::
I need more !!
great job Front Sight!!
tremendous work mick

Andy Leach"
Bud Richard Testimonial
"I absolutely love my hideaway knife! It's the perfect size to carry with me everywhere I go, and the fact that it's so discreet makes me feel safe and prepared for anything. The blade is sharp and strong, and the handle fits comfortably in my hand. I've used it for everything from opening packages to preparing food, and it's held up remarkably well. I've even recommended it to all of my friends and family, and they've all had the same positive experience. Overall, I'm extremely satisfied with my hideaway knife and would highly recommend it to anyone in need of a reliable, compact blade.

I would like to discuss having a HideAway made for whitewater rescue. Your HideAway becomes an extension of the hand. In a whitewater rescue situation, this would allow swimming with the knife in hand and then application.

The tip must be blunt like an Emersen 'SARK' which is clipped to one of my rescue vests. Any maker that would like to do one would be OK with me. I have 'LaGriffes' and the single finger attachment is the problem and can allow rotation. Your HideAway does not allow rotation.

Lee Aldridge Second Testimonial
"Now that I've had some time to train with the Hideaway, I'd like to add to my previous comments.

The overall utility of this design is continuing to impress me. I was able to perform many "empty-hand" manuevers while wearing the knife on my hand. This means that you are able to use your open hand to achieve head control ( a la JKD or Muay Thai ) and simply make a fist while drawing your hand away to perform the cut. This fist-making produces the edge in cutting position, and allows immediate open-hand techniques by simply opening your hand!

For LEOs, who may have subject-control issues, the Hideaway can provide a "safety-valve" when grasping a subject. If the suspect resists the grasp, the knife can be immediately deployed to assist in "cooperation".

This knife will also be handy for rock climbers, where weight and size are factors that determine what equipment goes or stays. I'm sure that there are many other applications not yet examined.

Once again, VERY nice!


Lee Aldridge
Head Instructor
Reality Based Fighting Concepts
Seth Thomas Testimonial
"The HideAway offers an advantage in transferring force from the stroke to the target. When grasped with fingers inserted into the "capsule", the wrist can be locked in-line with the forearm. This alignment is much like a conventional straight boxing punch, which is an efficient means of transmitting force to the target. The "capsule" aids in retention so well, that rapid forceful strikes can be made, without hard impacts degrading the grip.

When used with a "hooking" or "ripping" slash, powerful strokes can be made while maintaining grip. Once again, the locked wrist position aides in power transfer. Furthermore the "capsule" retention will resist loss of grip if clothing or hard object is snagged during the stroke.

The small visible signature of the knife provides inconspicuous carry. The under two-inch blade allows this to be a legal fixed blade in Jurisdictions that stipulate blades longer that two inches are "illegal weapons". The tactical option of pre-deployment with hand and fingers ready for other grasping needs, is ideal for "armed escape". One does not have to release the weapon to manipulate doors or keys. Thus, if needed in a heartbeat, the weapon is already in hand.

Seth Thomas"
Jim Herring Second Testimonial
"Have you ever considered developing an integrated badge holder/sheath for the HideAways? I’m a civilian employee of the DoD (I work on an Air Force base), and as such I’ve had to wear an ID badge for many years. I’ve tried any number of the cheap, readily available ID rigs (clip-on plastic pouches, retractable cords, around-the-neck cases, etc.) but none of them work particularly well. They’re either unduly cumbersome or so poorly made that they fall apart quickly. Which brings me to my current "problem"…

One of the consequences of our current enhanced security climate is a change in access protocols for military facilities. In the past, we were simply required to have our ID displayed somewhere on our person, ready for presentation as required. If greater scrutiny was ever needed, it was usually sufficient to simply hand the ID in its holder to the security personnel for a quick review. Now we are required to remove badge (it’s actually a laminated card) from its holder and present it to the security police for inspection every time we cross a checkpoint or access a controlled facility (it’s no longer an option to just hand over the entire badge holder for review). While I understand the necessity of these inspections, it does cause a lot of wear and tear on the various types of badge/ID holders that I’ve tried…I go through about two of the plastic pouches every month.

I was wondering if it would be possible to develop a durable badge holder (set up to be worn on a chain or cord around the neck) with an integrated sheath for the HideAway? Since I no longer pass the holder itself to the security personnel, there would be minimal risk of revealing the knife with such a rig (the knife is perfectly legal, in any event). For it to satisfy my requirements, the rig would have to have the following three features: (1) It must allow for easy removal and presentation of the ID, (2) It must leave the front of the ID visible when worn about the neck (or clipped to clothing), and (3) it should provide reasonably secure retention of the ID card. I understand that the original concept for the HideAways was based on the idea of a knife/sheath that could be worn behind the badge or holder, but I can’t help but think that an integrated unit would work better for me.

It’s just a thought…I realize that you’ve got a lot on your plate with this HideAway project already, and probably don’t have the time to consider specialized sheath options. I may actually have to get some Kydex and experiment a bit myself. Heck, it’d be worthwhile if I could just come up with a decent rig for the ID card alone…adding the ability to carry (another) knife is just a bonus J.

I’ve rambled on enough…I really just wanted to thank you and Mick for the exceptional job you did with the HideAway. This whole process has been a lot of fun for me as a customer, and I expect that I’ll be ordering at least one more HideAway (I’ve got my eye on the double-edged Straight model). Thanks again, and take care…

Jim Herring

P.S.: I love the certificate, sticker and Band-Aid that were included with the makes for a fun little package."
Justin Yang Testimonial
"I recently purchased a hideaway knife and I am extremely satisfied with my purchase. The knife is small and discreet, making it easy to carry with me at all times. The blade is sharp and strong, and the handle is comfortable to hold. I particularly appreciate the convenient and secure hideaway feature, which allows me to keep the knife close at hand without it being visible. I have used this knife for a variety of tasks, including opening packages, cutting rope, and even preparing food, and it has performed beautifully in all instances. Overall, I highly recommend the hideaway knife to anyone in need of a reliable and convenient tool.

Justin Yang"
Jordan Smith Testimonial
"I just bought the hybrid and I couldn't be happier with my purchase. Not only is it a sleek and discreet design, but it has also proven to be extremely useful in a variety of situations. The blade is sharp and durable, and the handle is comfortable to grip. I've used it for everything from opening packages to preparing meals, and it has exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend the hideaway knife to anyone in need of a reliable and versatile tool.

Thanks again,
Jordan Smith"
Oliver Lee Testimonial
"I purchased the hideaway knife as a gift for my husband, who is an avid outdoorsman. He absolutely loves it! The compact size makes it easy to carry on camping trips and the blade is sharp enough to tackle any task. My husband has used it to prepare meals, cut rope, and even whittle sticks for roasting marshmallows. The hideaway knife has quickly become one of his go-to tools. We are both extremely happy with our purchase and would highly recommend it to anyone in need of a reliable and versatile knife.

Oliver Lee"