Pocket Protection Sheath

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A new type of knife sheath by Mickey Yurco. With Kydex, it is a total of 0.3 inches thick.

Not wearing a belt? Toss this sheath in your pocket until needed.

With the Pocket Protection Sheath, you can quickly draw your Hideaway knife from your pocket without bringing the sheath with it.

The spiked design allows the sheath to catch on the inside of your pocket, allowing you to efficiently draw your knife without worrying about de-sheathing it by hand.

Feedback on the Pocket Protection Sheath:

  • "I got the HideAway in yesterday and I'm very impressed with it. Please pass on my compliments to Mike Yurco for his truly impressive finish work. His Pocket Protection sheath design is both innovative and useful (I'm still getting a hang of the draw angle but it's not a problem at all to employ the blade.). The blade is small but it feels alive in the hand. I'm looking forward to getting the DVD and seeing what SouthNarc has come up with for its use. And thank you for rushing it to me (not too mention designing a wonderful blade). Deployment for me is pretty quick from Dockers-style pants and jeans are fairly quick, too. 

    I'd say that I'm getting 1 second draws from the former (with my hand starting from outside the pocket) and slightly over 1 second with jeans (maybe 1.2 to 1.4 seconds). From around the neck, I can get somewhere around 2.1 seconds reaching through the neck of a t-shirt and the same as jeans if it's a button-down. I haven't cut myself or my clothing, yet (Did I mention that I liked the band-aid and LifeSaver included with the knife?).

    I can draw it without looking at the sheath. In fact, I find it easier to index from neck carry or in the pocket than the Emerson LeGriffe.

    Using a (pocket) sheath, it takes me (1-1.4) seconds to deploy the HideAway and be ready to strike.I ___did or did not_X_ need to look at the capsule hole to draw the HideAway. Other things I want to tell you are (that the angle of draw from Mike Yurco's sheath is a little different than I'm used to but it hasn't failed to deploy properly)."

The Pocket Protection Sheath is currently only available for Straight knives and Tiger Claw knives.

Have a different knife? Check out our Ripp-Cord Pocket Deployment Attachment.

Customer Reviews

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Dana Kreiger

the spike catches beautifully to the inside of my pants pocket. I highly recommend this over the straight sheath or as an alternative to the necklace that comes with the knife.

Bell Strosin

Works great, I like how it is interchangeable with my other sheaths

Marlin Ruecker

Really great quality with a polished looking finish. This makes for a great alternative carry option!

Daniela Nolan

This sheath works great when keeping my knife in my purse. I normally keep a lot of items loose in my purse but I can always reach my knife fast by grabbing the clip and pulling it out. This makes me feel organized and safe :)

Colten Bode

I gave one of these to my buddies and he keeps it on him every day. Big fan over here