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All of our knives are now made and shipped with cord-wrap holes. Some of our older models, however, may not have these holes.

Here are pictures and suggestions if your HideAway does not have cord-wrap holes.

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Here are instructions from Mick Strider of Strider Knives, Inc:

"Start at the top/back of the capsule. Begin the wrap by covering the end of the line with itself to friction hold the end down. Wrap your way towards the bottom of the capsule. Wrap past the first hole, the cord will leave a small gap here because of the geometry of the capsule. When you get to the last hole, pull the cord through and as tight as you can make it, Back track to the first hole, run the cord through and decide on a loop length. Tie a knot and cut the cord. Add a small drop of super glue to each end.

Note: When you get to the hole, your gonna ask yourself, "How the hell did he get the cord through this little hole?" You need to make a point on your cord. To do this, heat the cord, not on the end, but in the middle. Then pull it apart to stretch out the plastic stringer that forms. (insta-point)"

Here is my buddy Lorne's variation on that:

"I did want to wrap the capsule but didn't want the loop. So I just pulled the loop all the way through and cut it off flush with the hole. (A soldering iron with fine pencil tip will let you melt the end left in the second hole after being cut flush.) While you went in one side of the Hideaway and then crossed to the other to make your loop I went in and out on the same side so it would finish flush. I put a drop of super glue on the wrap at the top and along the flat seams left by pulling the loop through tight and it worked like a champ.

One other change was that for the start of the wrap at the top of the capsule I let the bitter end used to friction lock the cord under the wrap run all the way along the outside of the capsule to the first hole. Then over wrapped it the whole way. This added a little width and cushion to the outside of the capsule with out taking too much room inside of the capsule and affecting the fit."

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And also Sox45's cord wrap comments and pictures:

"OK, I was working on nightshift last week and playing with my new HideAway that I had just cord wrapped. It occured to me that cord wrapping it in olive or black was great for when I was in uniform, but the dark paracord showed up to well when it was in my hand. I thought, why not use tan paracord so it won't contrast as much with my skin tone and draw the eyes of a possible attacker to my hand? I bought some cord and re-wrapped it. I am also going to use Tan cord for the neck cord so its not as noticable around my neck."