Ripp-Cord Pocket Deployment Attachment

  • $21.00

This attachment is the perfect accessory for anyone who values convenience and accessibility.

This Ripp-Cord attaches to any Hideaway Handmade Sheath and any other knife sheath with "small" eyelets of .16" diameter. It comes already attached to your choice of sheath.

The Ripp-Cord includes an alligator clip / suspender clip with a "fang."

Made from top-quality materials with a leather strap, this attachment is both durable and reliable. It easily attaches to your pocket lining, belt or backpack, allowing you to keep your knife within easy reach at all times.

The deployment feature is smooth and effortless, making it quick and easy to access your knife when you need it.

I've used this attachment on a number of outdoor excursions and it has never let me down. It's held up well in all weather conditions and has proven to be a reliable and convenient way to carry my knife.

This attachment works great clipped to your pants pocket lining if you plan to keep your Hideaway knife and sheath in your pocket. This makes for a quick draw of the knife out of your pocket while keeping the sheath attached to your person.

The Ripp-Cord Pocket Deployment Attachment can attach to just about anything, making the carry possibilities endless!

Overall, I highly recommend the Ripp-Cord Pocket Deployment Attachment to anyone who values accessibility and convenience. It's a top-quality product that I'm confident will last for years to come.

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Hillard Windler

I love it! I keep it clipped to the outside of my pocket and it catches beautifully when I pull the knife out of my pocket. The adjustable band is very well done too. I highly recommend.

Noemi Ledner

The clip is very secure and clips to my jeans as well as my shirt. This is a well done, durable product.

Mina McCullough

Super fast shipping, I had it in 2 days. The sheath fits my tiger claw perfectly too. Overall I'm very satisfied

Ciara Fritsch

Very cute

Sid Johnston

Great accessory, this is probably my favorite one