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Collector's Set includes:

Multiply your deployment options! This bundle comes with our two most popular knives and almost every accessory we have to offer. Try them all and find out which carry option suits you best.

The Tiger Striped Straight is a hand-crafted utility straight knife made with 440C stainless steel and boasting a fearsome, tiger striped design.

The Hybrid is made with S30V Steel, polished and cord-wrapped in hollowed black paracord. The half curved blade makes for a quick and deadly multi-purpose knife.

The Belt Wrap is a very low-line, less detectable, and secure form of belt carry. Provides for adjustable draw angle. It fits most dress and gun belts up to 1.5"

The Bro Clip is an alligator clip / suspender clip with a "fang". This clip is handy, versatile, and can attach to any fabric or clothing. Much more secure than your traditional suspender clips.

The Ripp-Cord includes an alligator clip / suspender clip with a "fang." This attachment works great clipped to your pants pocket lining if you plan to keep your Hideaway knife and sheath in your pocket. This makes for a quick draw of the knife out of your pocket while keeping the sheath attached to your person.

The Sheath Pins come with 3 complete pins with black rivet heads and a plastic case. Each Hideaway Handmade Sheath has tiny pinholes sized to fit each Sheath Pin. Pin your sheath in place on any fabric or clothing item. Provides the versatility of being able to stash your knife and sheath anywhere.

Each Chicago Screw Set includes a socket, a washer, and a screw. These screws will easily fit through the small knife rivets on any Hideaway Handmade Sheath. This screw set works with the Ripp-Cord Pocket Deployment Attachment, the DoubleJ Belt Clip, the Bro Clip, the Belt Wrap, and the Bra Clip. Use them to attach accessories to your sheath, and have a few left to spare.

Every knife is professionally hand sharpened at an angle of 19 degrees for a razor sharp edge.

You will also receive a HAK Knife Kit, as well as a few surprise freebies here and there.

HAK Knife Kit includes:

  • Ballchain Necklace Sheath Attachment.
  • Knife and sheath polish.
  • Handle-wrapping paracord kit with [colors] cord wraps to choose from.
  • 2 Black self locking zip ties.
  • Measuring strip and size guide.
  • Micro absorbent band-aide.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Adell McKenzie

Great set. I like both models, but I have to say the straight is my favorite. Accessories are super useful and the quality is top notch. I would recommend this for someone wanting to see what Hideaway is all about.

Sofia Cormier

Super fast delivery to Australia. Lovely quality. I’m very impressed.

Maci Hessel

Loving all the accessories and both knives. Happy to have two models to choose from and all the carry options in the world! A bit pricey but I'm pretty happy with the purchase. Thanks Cory!

Jo Toy

The hybrid is my favorite, I just wish it was as sharp as the straight. Unlimited carry options are great though!! Thanks again william

Shanel Crist

Bright and cute. No smell. Convenient to carry with you in a pencil case, pocket. the knives themselves are very sharp. Went along with other orders in a large tracking parcel