Tiger Striped Straight

  • $89.00

A hand-crafted Hideaway Utility Straight Knife made with 440C stainless steel, cord-wrapped in hollowed black paracord, and boasting a fearsome, tiger striped design.

The capsule handle fits comfortably around your index and middle finger for hands-free use, with 28 sizes to choose from for that perfect fit. Click here to find your size.

A 1.99" straight blade makes for a quick and deadly multi-purpose knife. Great for self defence. Better for concealing.

The 440c Straight Hideaway Knife is a compact and discreet cutting tool that is perfect for everyday carry. The blade is made from 440c stainless steel, which is known for its durability and corrosion resistance. It has a straight, sharp edge that is suitable for a variety of tasks, from opening packages to preparing food.

The straight is the most popular model as it provides both utilitarian (opening boxes, cutting vines) and self-defense benefits.

Every knife is professionally hand sharpened at an angle of 19 degrees for a razor sharp edge.

Each knife purchase comes with a handmade Kydex sheath with ballchain necklace sheath attachment.

    Overall, the Tiger Striped Straight Straight Hideaway Knife is a durable, versatile, and stylish choice for anyone in need of a reliable cutting tool that can be easily carried and accessed.


    • Blade Length: 2 inches
    • Overall Length: 4 inches
    • Material: 440C Stainless Steel
    • Style: Straight
    • Weight: 2 ounces
    • Blade Finish: Tiger Striped
    • Sheath Material: Kydex
    • Handle Material: Stainless Steel with Black Paracord Wrap
    • Edge Angle: 19 Degrees
    • Made in USA

    Items Included in Package

    • Handmade Kydex Sheath
    • Ballchain Necklace Sheath Attachment
    • Handle-Wrapping Paracord Kit with 5 colors of cord wrap to choose from
    • 2 Black self locking zip ties
    • Measuring Strip and Size Guide
    • Hideaway Knife Sticker
    • Micro Absorbent Band-aide
    • Branded Packaging Box

      What's My Size?

      Here's how to find your Hideaway Knife size in inches.

      Finding Size Gif

      1) Get a ruler, scissors, scotch tape, a pen and sheet of paper.

      2) Do what you see the person in the above video doing. The strip of paper being cut is narrow, just 1/2 or 1/4 inch wide. He is using a small piece of scotch tape to secure the base of his trigger finger. Then, he's pulling the paper around his trigger and middle finger, where he wears rings. He's pulling the paper to "snug" but not tight. He marks the overlap point with a pen, and measures with a ruler. 

      After the final step, it looks like this:

      Finding Size 2

      3) That's it! Now look at the chart below to find out your Hideaway Size.

      Size Measurement in Inches
      Size 8 3.30" - 3.50"
      Size 8.5 3.51" - 3.61"
      Size 9 3.62" - 3.70"
      Size 9.5 3.71" - 3.78"
      Size 10 3.79" - 3.87"
      Size 10.5 3.88" - 3.95"
      Size 11 3.96" - 4.04"
      Size 11.5 4.05" - 4.14"
      Size 12 4.15" - 4.23"
      Size 12.5 4.24" - 4.31"
      Size 13 4.32" - 4.39"
      Size 13.5 4.40" - 4.46"
      Size 14 4.47" - 4.52"
      Size 14.5 4.53" - 4.70"
      Size 15 4.71" - 4.76"
      Size 15.5 4.77" - 4.84"
      Size 16 4.85" - 4.92"
      Size 16.5 4.93" - 4.99"
      Size 17 5.00" - 5.08"
      Size 17.5 5.09" - 5.16"
      Size 18 5.17" - 5.26"
      Size 18.5 5.27" - 5.35"
      Size 19 5.36" - 5.43"
      Size 19.5 5.44" - 5.49"
      Size 20 5.50" - 5.55"
      Size 20.5 5.56" - 5.62"
      Size 21 5.63" - 5.69"
      Size 21.5 5.70" - 5.79"
      Size 22 5.80"+

      Please follow these instructions closely. Do not try to add slack to your measurement. My sizing algorithm does all that for you. I just need your 2-finger circumference measurement from where you wear rings. Or around your knuckles if those are bigger.

      Finding Size 3

      HideAways are custom fit to your hand for retention and speed. Please measure twice.

        Customer Reviews

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        Chul-June Lee
        Shipping pollicy are not accurate, slow and unfriendly

        Shipping pollicy are not accurate, slow and unfriendly
        There is no reply to the mail and does not talk about the delay for any reason

        Do you think it will only be covered up with a 10% discount code?
        Does it make sense that there is no delivery or e-mail about it for almost 6 weeks after ordering?

        Piss poor customer service

        Customer service sucks. 2 day order fulfillment my ass. My order said it would be delivered 7 days ago. I have sent several emails with no reply. Very dissatisfied. I had full intentions of order a knife for all 4 of my kids but I am looking elsewhere now. Would rate a zero star if I could.

        Brandon Nave

        I had placed a order about a week ago and I don’t even have any updates all it says is “your order has been placed”. So any updates or does it just show up unexpectedly? It seems I’m not the only one getting duped here.

        Melvin Carumbana
        Never got the knife. :(

        The initial order started out smoothly. My second time ordering. Loved my first HAK. Lost it on a trip is why I ordered a second time. Bought two.

        Then came the delay. Then. Nothing. The tracking number has only shown that a shipping label had been created. Now these review emails saying order has been fufilled “xx” days ago. What order?? I have nothing. Multiple emails sent to [****] have gone unanswered. Orders 8/21/23. It is now mid-October. This has been terrible.

        Luciana Johnson
        Highly recommend

        I love this knife, great quality!! I feel so safe having this available when I need it. I highly recommend it!!!