HideAway Training DVD

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The official Hideaway Combative Defense System! DVD format. 9 Chapters, 3 chapters that teach anyone how to use it, 3 intermediate chapters, 3 chapters of very-sneaky-techniques.

"SouthNarc" is currently a narcotics agent in the southern U.S. assigned to a multi-jurisdictional narcotics task force. A veteran of the U.S. Army's 75th Ranger Regiment, SouthNarc has over 25 years of martial arts training focused in Japanese, Phillipine, and Indonesian martial arts. SouthNarc has personally trained over two thousand city, state and federal law-enforcement officers, and has conducted high-risk personnel training for members of the U.S. military.

The DVD's training objective is to impart a non-stylized application methodology that is simple to use under high-stress, and easy to retain with very little maintenance. The DVD contains 9 chapters of instruction shown above, and two slide shows. The first slide-show focuses on current models and pictures that HideAway customers have sent me. The second slide show, "Sheath Attachment Systems", illustrates the new deployment options available for HideAways and other small knives.

The DVD raw footage was professionally edited by someone with considerable self-defense knowledge and skills. Footage was filmed in analog and had to be converted to digital for the DVD medium. You will notice some picture graininess and sound level changes as a result.

With digital format, you can quickly and directly go to specific chapters. I opted for the less-is-more approach with packaging as well. The HideAway DVD comes packaged in one of those cool transparent clam-shell "c-shell" case. I chose that instead of the much bigger packaging style that you buy retail DVDs in, for portability reasons. Much easier to toss in your laptop bag and watch when you can. On the downside, the smaller transparent case was actually *more* expensive then the much larger one! Go figure...

On-screen notes were added to assist in retention of important concepts throughout the 9 chapters, and to facilitate comprehension by a HideAway customer who is deaf. I've discovered the on-screen notes also help me when I want to fast-forward to a certain part within a chapter to review how-to's and practice the skill. On-screen notes haven't been used in this way before in self-defense videos, and I think they make a big difference in providing some reinforcement for the key points.

There are a *lot* of different subjects covered in this DVD. The early chapters are for everyone, and the later chapters, especially "Integration of Handgun" and "Unconventional Methods" which show some particularly sneaky, blade-under-palm techniques which are for the advanced user.

Customer Reviews

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Dina Hessel

I bought these years many ago and somehow lost it. I kept hoping they'd turn up and finally gave up and re-bought them. I love this set. Chapter 2 alone is worth the price. I'm very into concealed knife combat and not that interested in learning self defense or mma fighting. Southnarc has a lot of great tidbits thrown in for all perspectives.

For those who have watched his career dvds with commentary, it is clear Southnarc has a great analytical mind for why things work or don't work.

Although this will sound sacrilegious to some, personally I find these dvds a far better and more technical instructional that Royce's book.

Kelli Dare

I am a huge Southnarc fan but I've never thought of purchasing this DVD, until recently. This set is FULL of smart fighting techniques and perfect teaching of said techniques. Perfect if you're wanting to pick up a martial art that uses weapons, specifically the hideaway knife.

Miracle Rolfson

I have had this DVD set for years and I still come back to it all the time, especially for the grappling. I just love Southnarc's simplistic approach. Plus, it blends well with my catch wrestling background. What is really cool is that Southnarc will show the technique step by step and provide a counter/escape for that technique. It is a lot of info for a great price. You really can't go wrong with this set.

Mafalda Romaguera

Prior to this DVD set, I got my hands on Bas' two volumes of combat. It's a perfect complement, fast paced and full of techniques, advice and tips. Thanks Southnarc!

Hipolito O'Kon

Southnarc knows his art and has the experience to prove it. I chose the DVD for a better insight of the many arts Southnarc presents. The combat system is simple to apply and practice.